Rotfarb/Turkish red

Tigerfinklifabrik 2016

Young ladies dressed in original vintage designs.

New designs of bandanas, or so called «Tüechli«, are based on designs of the Rotfarb.

Skirt made of repeated and printed historical Turkish red design.

With the exhibition, a comprehensive book was published in which I participated with some works.


Tigerfinklifabrik 2016


Tigerfinklifabrik 2015

The name „Bromi-Chic“ was given, because I dressed girls on bromsilver photos from the early 20th century with textile designs of the new collection.

A book with all artworks is published and available!

Screen printing on historical underwear

Tigerfinklifabrik 2014

An exhibition with all kinds of alphabets and letters including my collection of underwear from the end of the 19th, early 20th century with modern prints.


Hanro-Areal 2014

A super nice location in the old factory of Hanro Switzerland.


EB Zurich 2012

A new kind of work for me. Large scaled flower prints with a dramatic, but positive effect.

The exhibition was a big success. I think most people were quite touched by the pictures and the ambience of the school, and students got a positive vibe for their work.

Some of the pictures have the look and feel of Dutch masters.


Kunsthalle Memmingen 2011

The exhibition was the most extensive on all aspects of alphabets and letters. It was a good challenge to implement the theme on fabric, especially on such dated underwear.

Screenprint on underwear from the end of the 19th century until the early 20th century.

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